My name is Jason Cipparrone, I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.  My passion for photography started when I was 11 years old with the gift of a Gameboy Camera.  I remember annoying everyone with it for the first bit, until realizing that its functions were very limited and I couldn't really do anything with the images.  From there the bug was planted, I just had to wait until high school to actually learn the magic of the darkroom.  The darkroom process really spoke to me, it showed me the technical and artistic beauty that photography is, and even today with digital cameras being the forerunners I call on my knowledge of the darkroom.

My mission is to photograph interesting people in interesting places, to provoke some sort of thought with the onlooker, expected or unexpected.  I'm interested in social, economic, and political commentary photography, allowing people to see these issues through my eyes.  I also love photographing musicians and visual artists.  Having come from a musical background I understand how important it is to represent yourself with the right imagery.   Sometimes that means bringing lyrics to life, or capturing an entire albums mood in one frame.  

No matter what the challenge is, I'm ready to pull the right expression out of my subject, something that jumps right off the page at the viewer and compels you to stare. 




All images copyright ©Jason Cipparrone 2019.